Mediation is a voluntary process in which two or more people involved in a dispute meet and with the help of a neutral third person work out a solution to their problem. The problem can be in any area for e.g. civil litigation, employment, property and boundary disputes, commercial or educational disputes. The power of the process is that the participants have control and power. Relationships between participants do not deteriorate as a result of the mediation process. The process is private, confidential, cost efficient and whilst lawyers may be present, they work creatively not destructively. Both sides are given an opportunity to describe the solution and by probing questions the mediator helps bring a solution to the participants. As a mediator, I do not act as a Judge, I do not seek to persuade you, nor do I tell you what do. A solution to problem can be something which the participants never realised or knew in advance as mediation may be the first opportunity that they have sat together in a room and with the help of a mediator seek a solution to their problem.